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Chaat Magazine Issue 28 Apr/May/Jun 2017

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Chaat Magazine Issue 28 Apr/May/Jun 2017

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Opp’s sorry the issue was late!!

Issue 28 is available now for all you budding spice lovers!! With 23 hot recipes for you to exercise your culinary skills! Chaat! Magazine is a delightful read for those who love a bit of world flavour! Even our team here have a real addition to spicy cuisine and it’s such a desire that we find it quite difficult to control! To name a few Pakistani, Indonesian, Bengali, Chinese, Thai, Sri Lankan and Indian recipes is a real way of enjoying the Asian Culture!

A big thank you to East End Foods for their support of Chaat! for all your spice needs visit plus thanks to Kingfisher Beer who have held strong and their love of spicy cuisine is untouchable! 

Anjula Devi a budding fan of Chaat! plus a real wealth amongst up and coming evangelists of spicy cuisine shares her love of daal’s with recipes to use up your store cupboard ingredients! Our grow your own curry campaign continues with support from Sutton Seeds, plus our schools campaign this year we have been joined by celebrity chefs, Cyrus Todiwala, Anjum Anand and Hari Ghotra.

We have a gone a cross the way to pay a visit to the delightful cuisine of Pakistani with Shezhad Hussain! Street food is still very much on the table and enjoyed by so many people here in the UK now but we are cooking MasterChef style!!

Tom Kerridge speaks to us on how he still enjoyed the love of spicy cuisine and regained his slim and slender figure!

(Chaat Magazine is published quarterly)

Please Note:

Cost is £3.25 for the magazine and £2.50 for postage and packing.

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