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Why Chaat! Magazine’s Danielle thinks Crockpot is great for family meals…

Happy Friday to all our lovely followers! It’s competition time once again and on offer this time is this fantastic Crockpot Digital Countdown Slowcooker!

Now to start, I was not a fan of slow-cooked meals due to the sheer amount of time spent stirring on the hob, and making any kind of stew usually involves the kids complaining about how they’re “starving” or why can’t I play with them etc etc. I had a slow-cooker once before, but I could never seem to get to grips with it, forgetting to time the food and ending up with undercooked dinner or food so overcooked it was practically inedible.

Bearing the above in mind, it was with great trepidation that I gave the Crockpot a try. As the original slow cookers on the market, and a brand established over 40 years ago, Crockpot retains its place at the top of the market. Black with a gloss finish, it blends in quite easily with other kitchen appliances and can be quite easily stored away, despite it’s considerable size. Both the ceramic bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe – which is great news for busy professionals or working families.

Speaking of families, the capacity of the Crockpot Digital Countdown Slow Cooker is a rather large 4.7 litres, which will easily hold and cook a meal for at least 5 people – perfect for family dinners or having friends over for dinner without theneed to slave over the stove.

Easily the best feature of this Crockpot slow cooker are the digital settings, which allow you to select the high or low option according to the time you have available or the recipe, and select the amount of time the dish needs to cook on the inbuilt timing function. This feature is perfect for people like me who inevitably forget the timer – or even forget that you’re using the slow cooker at all! And as if all that weren’t helpful enough, the slowcooker automatically switches to the ‘keep warm’ function once the timer has finished, so you don’t need to worry about overcooked dinners.

Slowcooking is versatile, and I find myself using my Crockpot even at weekends because it frees up so much time, and isn’t just for hearty old-fashioned British stew. I’ve made everything from Lamb Bhuna and Roast Chicken to Lasagne (who knew you could make lasagne in a slow cooker?!) and not to mention a gorgeous chocolate chip bread and butter pudding!

While the Crockpot Digital Countdown Slow Cooker does cost considerably more than models by other brands, I’d see the additional features as a worthwhile investment, especially for those whit busy lifestyles who want to come home and just crash out with an amazing hot home-cooked meal.

The kind people at Crockpot have given us a Crockpot Digital Countdown Slow Cooker to give away! To enter, retweet us on twitter (@curryclubuk) using #inittowinit, or like and share on Facebook (/chaatmagazine). Why not leave us a comment here too? Good luck!

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Wow, read your review this Crockpot sounds amazing – loved the variety of recipes you tried. I’ve got an old style slow cooker which I love, but the lids not the best fit now – put it in the dishwasher and its not dishwasher proof lol!
I’d love to try my Slow Cooked Lamb Curry in this, as you say, its a bit of a bind spending hours stirring and slaving over a dish, would be great just to chuck it all in and forget about with that amazing timer function – very impressed with that and how it switches to warm mode! Technology hey 😉

My friend Sarah makes the best chicken curry in her slow cooker. She always makes one for parties! xxx

wow! what a fab slowcooker, perfect replacement for mine with a cracked pot!

Great giveaway, you just can’t beat a home cooked curry

Great giveaway- everyone should own a slow cooker!

fabulous prize,thanks very much

I would love to have this and try making some kickass curries with it.

I would love try cooking in this crockpot, as I have my old slow cooker which I would never be without.

Love to upgrade my electric slow cooker!

this would b ideal for barley and lamb soup mm

Wow thats wonderfulll perfect for this weather.. lovely warming stew.. ready for when you come home

Slow cookers have to be one of THE best invention’s ever made. I’m lost without mine right now, I did miss out on a great deal in a certain shop, but hey ho.
I miss being able to get in from the school run, chop ever veg possible, season and put in every kind of meat possible, along with the spuds, and leave it to it’s own device. No having 6 different pots to cook all the other items, just bung in and your off. And with this lovely sleek black slow cooker, this wouldn’t go a miss in Mr Ramsey’s kitchen that’s for sure, Or even mine.

what a great slow cooker & I really like that it automatically switches to the ‘keep warm’ function once the timer has finished.

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