A whole week of curry madness!

It’s National Curry Week! Which is essentially like Christmas here at Chaat! Magazine.

We’re continuously supporting the spicy food industry in the UK, and we are always excited when National Curry Week comes around for the rest of the UK to jump on board the bandwagon.  Of course, using the publicity to raise money for charity is a great cause, so we’re encouraging our readers to participate!

National Curry Week is fundamentally a celebration of curry all over the UK, this includes homemade curries, takeaways, and curry houses. To participate all you need to do is get eating curry, and if you’re a Chaat! reader, then we know that won’t be an issue for you.

You’ll find several events in your area.

There’s the poppadomathon – an egg and spoon type race which centres on safely transporting a poppadum across 100 metres (as someone who routinely handles the fragile little blighters, this is no mean feat, believe me).

There are also several awards that need voting for by you, the public, including Curry Pub of the Year, Currybard of the Year (Shakespeare’s got nothing on you, guys), and Best Signature Dish (both classic and innovative).

For our more competitive readers there are even challenges in which you can take part – from the Poppadum Speed Eating Challenge to the Samosa Speed Challenge, National Curry Week invites you to break records in your love of spicy food.

On top of raising awareness of our beloved spicy food industry, the money raised in all these events will be distributed among several charities, including Water Projects, Find Your Feet Charity and Action Against Hunger (among others).

We at Chaat! Magazine love the thought that our obsession with spicy food might help those in need. To find out more information in how you can take part visit www.nationaleatingoutweek.com.

What are you doing for National Curry Week?

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