There’s more to the perfect meal out than just great food

WE ALL HAVE our favourite restaurants. The little Italian down the road, the quirky café on the corner, maybe the ultra-modern curry house in the city centre.

When asked why, your reasons for favouring a
particular restaurant is probably the fantastic
food, but there is so much more to a dining
experience – the atmosphere, the ambience,
the service!

The last decade has seen major
regenerations in most cities, and with it, many
restaurants have re-branded and re-designed
to be more contemporary and in-keeping with
their new surroundings. But do these stylish
interiors take away from the culture and
traditions of the cuisine being served inside the

Angharad, a Chaat! reader from Scotland,
feels that restaurants in every sector to be
moving toward similar modern-minimalist
looks. “I haven’t been bowled over by any UK
restaurant atmosphere in a while. Everywhere
seems generic, with lots of chains – once
you’ve been in one restaurant, you’ve seen
them all!”

While the white walls and the modern
look is currently very fashionable, is this style
choice causing restaurants to become more
nonspecific and lack cultural identity?
Olive Services are a leading restaurant
maintenance company. Managing Director, Sol
Goodall, is an ex-chef who knows exactly what
restaurants need for the perfect ambience
and interior, to keep existing and attract new
“Many restaurants go for the quick money
by applying a very modern feel to their sites,
thus they end up competing with the masses
for generic business. They may see a neutral,
bland look as safe and easy to maintain,
although these neutral schemes can show
every knock. Richer, more opulent cultural looks
are often longe

Full feature in Chaat! Magazine issue 12 2013

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