Is Food Fashionable?

LAZY BONES, THE recently launched restaurant in London Farringdon, serves up fancy fast food with a surrounding of quirky interior design. When a friend slumped down next to me with her ‘starter’, she was carrying a bag of sour cream and chive popcorn. What may have been confined to the walls of cinemas has emerged as a savoury restaurant snack, and popped corn brands such as Proper Corn seem to be everywhere. It
was then that it seemed food had become just as trend-focused as the fashion industry. Last year, the UK saw a rise in the consumption of colourful macaroons, popcakes, boutique beers and artisanal breads, but gradually died out to make room for savoury popcorn.

Wayne Edwards at The Food People believes that popcorn in particular has become a food phenomenon because “it hits a few trends”. He
explains that, “Sweet and salty combinations such as salted caramel are everywhere, and it links to the nostalgia for American-style dining.”

So where have these attitudes come from? These fickle food trends are not something entirely new. Rashima Bhatia of the Indian restaurant Rasoi believes that the era of food trends has been developing since 2009, and now, in 2013, has reached its peak. Rasoi has ensured that different aspects of these trends have been woven into the menu. “We try to source ingredients that are local, and we also have an open kitchen to emphasise the trend of consuming only honest food.”

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