The Call of the Wild… Chilli Fair

The British summertime may be dreary, but things are heating up in Essex this June!

In the rural parts of Maldon Essex, The Great Wild Food and Chilli Fair will now be providing the opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and appreciate the food of the forest, with a little fire to heat things up. This family friendly weekend event aims to celebrate the varied and plentiful produce of nature’s larder with all food and drink harvested locally.

Walk on the hot side colour

Here at Chaat! Magazine we’re all about the spice, and this show gives the opportunity to try chilli from all over the globe. In attendance will be some of the UK’s top sauce producers and chilli aficionados such as Hot Headz, Chilli Alchemist, Fiery Foods, O.Chilli.D, Grim Reaper foods, Twisted 7, Norfolk Chilli Farm, and the internationally recognised Clifton Chilli Club. It’s not just spicy sauces, once your tongue gets to numb to taste anymore, go check out some of the many delights the festivals three arenas have to offer.

Although consuming as much food as possible might be the goal of the weekend, entertainment is available for when you’re absolutely full of foraged delicacies. On the Saturday they have the Essex Regional Chilli Cook Off (where the winner will receive a place in the UK finals and a cash prize!), a Wild Arena Bushcraft Gathering, where you can learn the survival skills needed to become the next Bear Grylls. There’s no need to worry about the children while all this is going on, they’ll be busy having a great in the Kids Go Wild Zone. This is only a fraction of what this action packed Fair has to offer.

The fairs many attractions include a group of professional foragers and chefs who will offer eager guests a chance to learn exciting new cooking skills, ensuring that you can bring the fun of the fair back to your kitchen. The chefs also use locally grown produce, so attendees can discover how to live from the land, embracing nature whilst creating delicious meals! What could be better?

The large variety of activities and workshops ranges from First Aid and survival class, to cooking lessons, encompassing the ideas of the fair. Many of these classes require advance booking and they have limited spacing, so be quick to get your tickets online, or else you could miss out on all the food, fun and new knowledge.

Go to to find out more and book your tickets for the 27th -28th of June. Why not add a little spice to your life, and learn to be one with nature again?


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