The Allotment: a green fingered cocktail for the gardener in you Allotments.

Bastion of all that is gloriously British.

Where mugs of tea are sipped over rows of cabbages. Gossip is swapped. Boots muddied. Worms cajoled and stress relieved. Yep, we all know gardening is great for our health, but did you know just half an hour of gardening a week can deliver long-term benefits for body and mind?

Let’s raise a glass to science with this fresh new cocktail: The Allotment.

It’s wild, green things, with a touch of the exotic. Where punchy passion fruit jostles with sprigs of mint, a drape of basil and the sweet, delicate earthiness of a freshly dug cucumber.  And not forgetting some delicious gin. (Because no decent potting shed is complete without a bottle of the botanical stuff).

Make it like this:

The Allotment 

  • 3 mint leaves
  • 3 basil leaves
  • 75ml Passionfruit Coulis
  • 100ml Qcumber water
  • 1 part gin

Muddle your mint and basil leaves in a long tall glass with your favourite gin. Add crushed ice and the passion fruit coulis, then top with sparkling Qcumber water. Tin mug and flask optional.


Editor’s Notes

  • Qcumber is available at Tesco, Booths, Planet Organic, Ocado, Harrods, Selfridges & Co and other quality food stores.
  • Qcumber was born out of one of those rare ‘eureka’ moments. One summer’s evening Graham Carr-Smith was enjoying a gin with slices of crisp cucumber and the thought came to him “this could be the next drink flavour” After a lot of hard work, Qcumber was born.
  • The quality of the water is fundamental to the taste of Qcumber. The source of the spring water lies in the old county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales. In this unspoilt rural area, the water is able to filter naturally through layers of rock to achieve its exceptional taste and purity.
  • Qcumber contains only natural ingredients and is free from artificial sweeteners, colours, preservatives and flavourings. The ingredients are: carbonated spring water, natural cucumber extract, beet sugar, citric acid.
  • Great on its own, Qcumber is also the perfect mixer with gin and vodka, or with Pimms.

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