chaat-magazine-issue-20-2Chaat!’’s top ten aphrodisiac
fun foods will steam up more
than your kitchen windows
this this season. If you are
thinking about wooing a
special person, sneak some
of the following into your
breakfast, lunch or evening

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Hot chillies release endorphins which increase
blood circulation and stimulate nerve endings,
so you’ll be sensitised as well as a little flushed.
A vital ingredient to ensure you’re both burning
with desire!

Chocolate has been said to contain chemicals
that provoke feelings of happiness and
euphoria, and its traces of tryptophan help
to nudge the brain into arousal. Perfect for
melting and dipping to get you into a state of
sweet, sticky ecstasy!
This fruit is bursting with potassium which
aids in strengthening muscles to enhance
contractions. Don’t worry; we’re not so
immature that we’d mention its phallic shape
Slurping this shellfish has been linked to an
increased sex drive due to its high levels of zinc
This remover of inhibitions contains
antioxidants that improve blood circulation.
Keep that red stuff flowing!
Originating from India, this little pod is often
used as a medicine for sexual health. An
addition to a recipe that’s sure to spice up your
With all its omega-3 acids, salmon will keep the
level of sexual hormones high.
Vanilla has an alluring scent which acts as
an instant aphrodisiac. Enjoy it in a delicious
dessert or a hot and steamy drink.
FIGS ♥♥♥
Quite literally the ‘fruit of your loins’; this sexual
stimulant was dubbed as a sacred fruit by the
Greeks for their love inducing properties and
resemblance to a certain female organ…
The secret to Italy’s romanticism lies in their
cooking! This herb boosts both your libido and