Spiced Tea

Here at Chaat! magazine we like nothing better than to unwind with a relaxing cup of chai tea after a busy day at the office, and we are absolutely in love with the Chai Tea Xpress range!

The range boasts nine different flavours, retailing in at £2.50. Our Editor’s personal favourite is the Red Bush Spiced Tea flavour, but today I decided I wanted something a little more flavoursome, and gave the Red Bush Cinnamon and Aniseed Spiced Tea a go!

Labelled the “healthy” one of the range, this flavour uses the leaves of the South African Red Bush, or ‘Rooibos’. This plant has been used for over a hundred years as it is rich in antioxidants and contains alpha hydroxyl acid which promotes healthy skin. True to its Chai Xpress labelling, Rooibos also helps to ease digestive discomfort, relieve cramps and can even provide relief from allergic symptoms – perfect for hay fever sufferers such as myself!As for the added spice blend, the cinnamon improves circulation and reduces fatigue whilst aniseed aids digestion, brilliant for after eating a hearty meal.

The tea itself has a mouth-watering cinnamon aroma with a light aniseed scent, which is wonderfully soothing. It has a sweet aftertaste and an automatically calming sensation; there really is no better drink to unwind with!

To discover more about the Chai Tea Xpress range or to try the flavours for yourself, visit their website: www.chaixpress.co.uk

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