Scorching Samosas by Afia

Afia’s Samosa Shop is a mother and daughter team (Afia and her mum, Rukhsana). They started in August 2009 and have been growing in strength ever since. Everything Afia knows about Indian food  has been learned over the years at her mother’s side in the kitchen.

Afia specialises in Wheat and Gluten Free pastry for her gourmet samosas.  Her mother suffers from Coeliac Disease which means she is intolerant to the protein Gluten found in many foods. Together, they have created over 12 different samosas, (halal) meats and vegetables, cooked exactly in the same method as traditional samosas without compromising the great taste and texture!

The designs of the samosas are all unique; folded in different ways to tell them apart. Their finger licking fillings range from traditional mixed vegetable to spicy lamb, but the samosa that won over my taste buds was the Scotch Bonnet Chilli samosa.

Made from potato and peas, masala spices, jalapeno chilli and scotch bonnet chilli, it was a killer hot samosa, however it was very tasty! The pastry was very light and crispy giving a balanced texture to the soft vegetables inside.

The other few samosas I tried were beautifully prepared and were bursting with flavours too!

To find out more, visit Afia’s website – and get in touch through Facebook – /AfiasSamosaShop or Twitter – @AFIA’sSamosaShop


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