Say goodbye to Hay Fever

Traditional Chinese Remedies for Hay Fever Sufferers

Just when we start to get a little sunshine in Britain and the flowers bloom, many of you like myself will suddenly get an onslaught of sneezing, the need to itch your eyes until you resemble a zombie, and a sluggish sensation in your mind. Not exactly the beach babe look we’d envisaged, huh? Well fear not my hay fever suffering friends! These traditional Chinese remedies for hay fever may just give you the ability to punch pollen in the, err, plant?

Traditional Chinese remedies include the use of herbs, for example the Japanese catnip or the Siler divaricata, which are believed to repel wind. Plant these in your garden and see if your eyes stop being so itchy! Herbs such as Angelica dahurica, magnolia flower buds and Xanthium sibiricum drain dampness, when combined together they create Xanthium Decoction, used to clear the nasal passages and sinuses. Why not try this concoction and see if you remain sneeze-free?

Traditional Chinese remedies believe that diet can help in taming hay fever. It is believed that food such as sweets, dairy products and cold foods have a tendency to cause mucus build-up, and highly recommend avoiding ice cream and yogurt. So for all you sweet-tooth foodies out there, you may have to swap your Magnums for a healthier option! If your digestive system is working well, this will help lessen the chances of mucus build up. Foods that are easy for the body to digest include soups, salads, vegetables and boiled grains.

Another popular Chinese remedy is acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture is known to relieve allergy symptoms immediately when used on certain parts around the nose. However, we do know that having needles stuck in you can be a daunting thought, so be sure to try the herb and diet remedies first if the thought of acupuncture makes you light-headed!

Words by Rebecca Trussell

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