Up and Coming: Parveen Ashraf

From Spice Bags to making authentic curry simple; the mother of three and Come Dine With Me Contestant, Parveen-the-Spice-Queen is certainly one to watch…

Parveen Ashraf is one exciting, energetic lady with a passion for life, cooking, and sharing her recipes. After setting up Amaani Spice in 2008, she first appeared on our television screens back in 2010 on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me. The show gave her a first taste of television, and since then people from all around the UK have been trying her blended spice mixes for themselves.

The Amaani Spice Box contains 13 different spices which are blended together in perfect proportions for the recipes. Parveen feels that one of the main spice mixes – her mum’s Garam Masala recipe – are what give her curries their unique flavour.

The spice box contains easy step-by-step recipe cards and all the spices you will need to make 5 different Indian dishes for up to 6 people. Parveen hopes to have de-mystified Indian cooking and simplified it to the extent that anyone with basic cooking skills can use her Amaani Spice Box to create authentic delicious Indian food.

A standard spice box contains Parveen’s unique spice-blends to make;

Chicken Masala

Lamb Bhuna

Tarka Daal

Vegetable Pilau Rice


A Bhaji Bag mix, which makes approx 25 onion and potato bhajis

You can also choose your own selection of recipes to include on her website. Amaani Spice Boxes are available at: www.amaanispice.co.uk.

In the meantime, Parveen is now writing her first book, so watch this space!

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