National Curry Week 13-19 October 2014

National Curry Week was set up by its founders to really put the nations favourite dish on the map, curry has been loved by so many and the week brings along many local and national activities to raise money for much need charities across the country. This year’s National Curry week has been supported by Hungry House, Sainsbury’s and Kingfisher Beer!ccblogo

For Peter Grove, founder and organiser of the Curry Capital of Britain Awards, a great curry capital is one that revels in pride in community and the city. This is something that he thinks was perfectly showcased by last year’s winners; “Bradford encapsulated the ethos of the competition by including the public, the restaurants, business and even the youth in their bid. As a city they managed to promote a team atmosphere rarely seen before”.  Despite it being a closely run race and between Bradford and their arch-rivals, Glasgow the Scottish city was just pipped to the post, for 2014 who shall be the winner will it be Bradford again or is there a close contender the winner will be announced shortly!

According to Peter this award not only serves to showcase a city where great food is available, but also to help display the importance of the UK’s various ethnic communities and counter, ”the bad media coverage that often appears.” The award also helps the council and local community show their support for their city and their beloved curry houses.

This sense of community is something Peter believes that the awards have actively helped, “The curry industry is very competitive and prior to this competition it was rare to see restaurants working together or councils working on a one to one basis with the restaurants”.

Having travelled the length and breadth of the country Peter has sampled all sorts of curries, and he claims that each has its own special quality “The food at the 6 Michelin starred restaurants is amazing but then again there is nothing quite like a Tandoori House comfort curry.” However despite the varied and wonderful kinds of curry across the country, restaurants cannot simply rest on their laurels. “We now have Mexican, Thai and Latin American giving strong competition for the spicy pound and where once restaurants lead the supermarkets it is now the other way round with a greater diversity of dishes and products.”

We are all waiting to hear who will win Curry Capital of Britain 2014!

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