No we’re not talking about tea or  some new type of Toblerone (though we love both). We’ve recently discovered something even more exciting on our recent trip to Harrogate – which you can read all about in the new issue of Chaat (see here).

We met with Syndi Duke, owner of Asharun Spices, who has been creating her own unique spice blends in Harrogate for the past five years, although in reality she has been hand roasting and blending since she was 7 years old. Syndi’s speciality lies in her vast knowledge of spices and herbs, and she is very passionate about sharing her expertise through her traditionally stone ground spice mixes.

Asharun offers a variety of Indian, Tex Mex and Moroccan Spice Kits as well as American style rubs. Visit her website to see the full range and get your hands on your own!

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