Kingfisher Beer Tours the UK!

Kingfisher Beer has made it a mission to try and visit a location near you this summer!

There’s nothing quite like a trip to your local Indian restaurant.  The warm welcome, the captivating aromas and the cool, crisp Kingfisher washing down your favourite curry.   Its deft balance of light bitterness and citrus makes for a perfect partnership with the heat and spice of even the richest curry.  But you don’t have to be in an Indian restaurant to enjoy a refreshing Kingfisher and we intend to prove it this summer.  Between June and September  Kingfisher Beer will be touring the UK with their shiny new Kingfisher Beer Truck.

Anyone who has been lucky enough to visit India will know exactly where we got the inspiration for this vibrant vehicle. From Delhi to Doddapundi the roads are filled with lorries sporting highly intricate, colourful designs. They are hard to miss in India but ours will stand out even more as it travels up the M6.

The Kingfisher Beer Truck will be visiting fifteen food festivals throughout the nation so that consumers can enjoy a pint of India’s No.1 beer in the sunshine (hopefully). The tour kicks off this week with the ‘Taste of London’ in Regent’s Park which brings together London’s most acclaimed restaurants and chefs to present their signature dishes to 60,000 people over 4 days.KIngfisher multipack-RED

Here are some dates for August/September

Foodie Festival, Harrogate, 21-23rd August

Edinburgh Mela, 29th-30th August

Liverpool Food & Drinks Festival, 19-20th September


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