Keep up your routine jobs in the garden!

If we have encouraged you to grow your own Indian curry recipe ingredients that’s brilliant, or if you have your  own regular garden here are some tips for you.  We’ve had some really sunny days lately perfect for spending extra time out doors!

Do’s & Don’ts!

  •  Water your veg regularly. The morning or evening is the most effective time as less moisture is lost through evaporation.
  •  Give plants a good deep drench once a day or every two days. This encourages them to send their roots deep into the ground. 
  • Keep harvesting veg like tomatoes, beans and spinach regularly to encourage plants to keep producing more. 
  • Look out for tiny butterfly eggs on the underside of cabbage leaves. Gently rub them off between finger and thumb. 
  • Weed little and often. Use a hoe between your rows of veg, or pull up weeds by hand, before they get a chance to become established.


  • Stop planting new seeds. Get into a routine of sowing a few rows every few weeks so you have a succession of fresh, tender crops.
  • Waste any of your crops – if you have more than you can eat, cook large pots of your favourite dishes and freeze them in handy portion sizes, or invite friends and family round for a feast!
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment – a long, hot summer is the perfect time to try growing more exotic veg like okra or aubergines.
  • Skimp on plant food – a regular application of an organic feed such as liquid seaweed makes all the difference to the health, vigour and flavour of your crops.

Jeannine McAndrew Chaat! magazine

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