Is this the future of takeaway food?

“Anyone can cook!” according to fictional chef Gusteau in the loveable film Ratatouille. The film does of course have its flaws; rats can’t cook, and “the rat is the chef!” probably wouldn’t be anyone’s first logical conclusion, but who knew Disney and Pixar would tap into a potential UK food trend? Eatro, described as an ‘online marketplace for homemade food,’ supports a Hungryhouse-like service where you’re handed the apron and have the opportunity to become a takeaway chef.

Enforcing the idea that homemade food is unbeatable, Eatro wants to get people cooking their own signature dishes to be sold to hungry locals online.

So how does it work?

After creating your menu, Eatro allows you to choose a collection timeframe and enter the number of dishes you plan to make. A handy tool that ensures you won’t be inundated with requests. Local takeaway diners will choose what dish they would like online, and then collect from your home.

There seems to be a number of benefits to a home-takeaway service, especially in a time of recession when small businesses are struggling. Budding entrepreneurs can start an inexpensive micro business at home to practice and promote their culinary skills. It also inspires a sense of community which many areas lack, as HomeChefs will get to know the people who live in their area and share a passion for the same foods.

The only concern with this concept was that food hygiene standards may not be as high as that of established restaurants. Eatro does assure, however, that all new HomeChefs are interviewed and monitored with kitchen inspections to ensure food is of the highest possible standard.

If this does catch on, it’ll inspire people to get experimenting and cooking good food home, which is definitely something that should be advocated.

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.”
-Anton Ego, Ratatouille

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