Is chai good for your health?


The ancient Indian spice of chai is rooted deep in tales of royalty and healing herbal medicine. Indian chai is believed to nurse all manners of ailments and contribute to a complete, rounded and truly peaceful well-being.

It is easy to see how this special spice blend has become associated with spiritual calm; its warm, aromatic flavours are unbelievably soothing and therapeutic. The taste is spicy only in the subtle warming sense, balanced perfectly with a distinctly sweet and aromatic flavour. Its authentic Indian heritage encourages thoughts of Chai-Wallah tea merchants, lining the streets of many Indian cities brewing batches of fresh and delicious Chai, all with their own unique and imaginative personal touch. Just a small savour of this warm and gentle spice takes you straight to the heart of the magical cities of India.

The milky nature of Chai tea has encouraged experimentation. Coffee houses everywhere have decided to infuse the spice with the smooth and milky texture of the café latte. The flavours of the Chai work wonderfully well with coffee; giving the beans a deliciously soft and sweet lift. It really is a beautiful aromatic addition to the smooth taste and texture of the latte.

There is every reason to try a cup of this soft, soothing and zesty coffee blend. Not only could it aid and nurse spiritual peace, it can also give you that extra caffeine boost you may feel you need in the morning. It is certainly worth taking the plunge and savouring the taste of this authentic, ancient Indian spice.

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