Hot Topic! Two hospitalised in curry eating competition..

The biggest news in spice world this month has without doubt been the hottest curry competition in Edinburgh’s Kismot restaurant in which two contestants were hospitalized. “Yes, the world has been calling us about it,” admits Kismot owner Abdul Ali. But not in outrage, most callers have wanted to try it themselves! “We were worried at rst; the fact that people have been in so much pain isn’t something to be proud of. This is a family run business, it’s our bread and butter, so it could’ve been the end for us. It turns out we’ve had more bookings and even more people demanding to try the hottest curry!”

Contestants gripping their guts and being carted of to hospital? Well, I’m sorry, but what kind of wimps are they? We at Chillipepperpete laugh in the face of the chilli devil. For the past four years we’ve been running the chilli-eating contest at the Fiery Foods UK Chilli Festival in Brighton and it’s grown to the point that it is being broadcast around the world and we’ve already had contestants signing up for next year’s event! It seems that people just love putting themselves through this particular kind of pain. And while we’ve taken it further than any other contest, we have never needed to resort to hospital treatment. I think by using the fresh chilli people know that, as long as they don’t have any existing heart condition or respiratory problems, they will recover quite quickly. In fact, at our last chilli-eating contest even I was quite worried about the two  finalists who were battling it out; they both looked dreadful! One kept on falling asleep, while another looked on the verge of a heart attack! Sure, they su ered for 10 minutes but were completely ne after half an hour. They have since been into the shop, all smiles, to

stock up on the hot stuff. The conclusion – keep it natural, keep it fresh, and leave it to the experts!

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