Haute Dogs – with Wasabi

Food magazines and books come up with some varied content but this is one we like at Chaat!

You’ve probably noticed the rise in trendy new street-food recently; old classics given a twist by innovative young chefs. Haute Dogs is a perfect example of this; throughout the book its Texan author, Van Kraayenburg demonstrates his love for the American staple: the hot dog, while infusing countless other cultures and styles to create something entirely new and exciting.  Van Kraayenburg takes the old classic; the ‘Plain Jane’ as he calls it, and livens her up with an array of accompaniments, variants in the essential ingredients, and new and exciting cooking methods. This leads to over 100 exciting twists on the conventional hot dog; from the ‘Swedish Shrimp Dog’, which includes flatbread and shrimp, to the ‘Danger Dog’, a bacon wrapped hot dog. All recipes also include a background on the inception on the recipe, most of which are variants on street-food classics from around the world. This book is perfect for those who like trying new, exciting foods and aren’t afraid of straying from convention.

Russel Van Kraayenburg – Haute Dogs

Here is one that we liked with a bit of a kick!Haute Dogs - Jacket Image


Place of Origin: Houston, TX

Other Names: Happy Endings Dog, Spicy Japa Dog

Like most Japanese – inspired hot  dogs, this combination of  wasabi and dog comes not from Japan, but from the states…though not the states you might expect. Where most fusion dogs came from the Pacific Northwest, this particular spicy fusion wiener comes from deep down in Texas. Despite being a relative newcomer, it has lost its origins amid the burgeoning fusion-dog trend among restaurants, food trucks, and stands that swamped the United States in the early 2000s. Today you can find just about any Japanese ingredient mixed in and the dogs are in nearly every city. This particular Wasabi Dog recipe is inspired by a food truck, happy endings, in Houston, Texas. The use of a Hawaiian roll gives it a sweet bite that pairs nicely with the salty, savory sauces.


Wasabi Mayonnaise 

Katsu sauce

Hawaiian sweet roll

All-beef hot dog

Katsuobushi or bonito flakes

Sliced nori


Prep: Make wasabi mayonnaise and katsu sauce, if using homemade.

Assembly: Get out a Hawaiian sweet roll. Grill an all-beef hot dog as instructed on page 16. Place the hot dog in the roll. Top with a smear of wasabi mayo, a line of katsu sauce, a sprinkle of katsuobushi, and a handful of seaweed strips.

Pair this dog with Wasabi Fries (page 154) – if you can handle the heat!

Katsu sauce is a sweet and tangy condiment traditionally made with applesauce, tomatoes, carrots, onions, spices, and soy sauce.

Kitchen Notes: You can find recipes for Hawaiian sweet rolls and all-beef hot dogs starting on page 127. Katsuobushi are dried fish flakes made from skipjack tuna; they can be expensive, but bonito flakes are an affordable alternative. Nori is edible seaweed sold in dried sheets that can be sliced into strips and piled on top of this dog.


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