Fudco: Chicken Masala

Jenny Adams tries the Fudco spice kit.

Looking for an easy to follow recipe bursting with flavours? The Fudco Chicken Masala is a specially blended mix of spices designed to enhance the flavour of any chicken dish, accompanied by a simple recipe to create a quick and tasty dish.

The recipe uses the Fudco mixed spices, chicken (or vegetables as a substitute), ginger, garlic, curd, onions, tomato puree, oil and water, all of which I bought from my local Tesco, coming to £10.

I’m not the best cook so I thought this dish was going to go terribly wrong however the simple instructions were so easy to follow, even I was surprised at how delicious the dish was! The recipe gives detailed measurements of each ingredient so you can’t go wrong…

Marinating the chicken for two hours in the herbs and spices really gave the dish a kick and the textures combined created a really heart meal.

I accompanied the dish with vegetable rice with gave a sweet taste to the lightly spiced curry, creating a beautiful mix of flavours. Garnished at the end with some Coriander… Fireworks on my tongue!

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