Chocolate week: Chocolate and Spice treat!

Chocolate week share it with the Duke of Delhi

A Taste of Delhi
The Duke of Delhi’s chocolate bars perfect for those who love chocolate and spice, then this range as the range of combinations of flavours both milk and dark chocolate, to include orange, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, coconut and lime and don’t forget the Delhi mix influenced by Bombay mix.

Duke of Delhi also has the Chocolate chunk Delhi mix which is the perfect Bombay mix for those amongst us who really want to pamper them someone or just themselves the perfect treat..

Inspiration for the Chocolate bars:

The Delhi Bars are inspired by the children of the British Raj. At the time thousands moved with their families from places like Doncaster and Croydon to far off exotic cities such as Delhi and Calcutta. In India they were introduced to new foods and tastes like ‘Chevdo’ – the popular street snack. However, these children never quite forgot their British home comforts and clung onto one in particular…chocolate!! And so with the intertwined history of India and Britain in mind, we created the Delhi Mix Bar: a range of delicious chocolate bars bejewelled with the exotic taste of India.

Chocolate and spice will give you a balance of the chocolate you love so much plus some of those superfood spices that we need in our diet.

Inspiration for the Delhi Mix:

Our Delhi mix is inspired by the Indian street snack “Chevdo”, sold in special places such as New Delhi train station, where the incoming Rajdhani express train sees hundreds of commuters run off to buy this tasty snack before their train leaves without them. Our range uses only authentic Indian ingredients & flavours, infused with a zing of the British spirit. Chocolate in a Bombay Mix? Honeycomb? Orange and Nut?

The mixes can be brought at Fortnum and Masons.

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