Travel Zone: Cardiff

Getting to know your local spice house a little too well? A curry inspired city break could just be the ticket. This month we savour the flavour of Cardiff.

Cardiff: home of the British Curry Club. The youngest capital in the UK, Cardiff was one of the very first British cities to have a recognised multicultural community. Naturally, a rich catalogue of spice houses is on offer with every neighbourhood in the city starring a must-visit eatery. But where to start? We know what it’s like when you first land in a strange city; too many choices and that belly-rumbling paranoia of making the wrong decision. You’ve only got a few nights here and you’ll be darned if you blow any opportunity to indulge in your favourite dish. Come to Cardiff and let Chaat! take you on a guided tour of the best spice houses in the city.

Get on the sport! Burn of the curry calories:

Cardiff lives and breathes sport. It’s got its very own sports village; that’s how much the city loves the stuff. Wet and wild adventures abound at the Olympic pool, the International White Water course and Cardiff Bay Water  centre where you can find a wide range of splashful antics such as white water rapids, windsurfing, water skiing, speed boats and kayaks. Looking to keep your curry powder dry? Head north for the mountains or south west along the coastline; both missions will reward with their instant cobweb blowing abilities. And those who would rather sit back and spectate can find just as much entertainment thanks to one of the city’s most impressive young structures… The iconic Millennium Stadium is one of the UK’s only stadia that’s located in the city centre, and any match day atmosphere is an exhilarating experience as a result. Not least in the spice houses post-game! It’s not just rugby and football fans that are catered for: The Swalec national cricket stadium is home to an impressive amount of international fixtures. Remember: whether your team wins or loses, curry is the ultimate post-game event. See over for Cardiff’s finest British Curry Club Restaurants.

Image courtesy of Cardiff & Co

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