Asian wine will “take off”, but lots of patience and education are needed!’

This year has been a big year for
the Asian wine market. Imports of
traditional and New World wines into
Asia have increased tenfold to match
the high demand for the alcoholic beverage,
and within the past 3 decades countries
such as China, Thailand and India have been
gearing up to export their own produce. This
year we have seen Asia-Pacific wine expos,
international wine exhibitions and even an
Asia dedicated wine award event (Decanter
Asia Wine Awards was launched this year)
and there is currently an Asian wine “boom”
forecast for the UK.
The Asian wine market is growing at a rapid
rate, yet if you go down to the shops today,
you’re in for a big surprise, because out of
the thousands of wine retailers, there are still
only a small handful of (mainly independent)
stockists selling produce from China, Thailand
and India.
It seems that restaurants too are reluctant to
sell wine from countries with less established
reputations for wine for fear that products
will be left on the shelf. One restaurant owner
stated that he had struggled to source a wine
from India, and, that ever since, the stock had
been little more than an ornament behind his
Raj at the Indian Cottage, Newport, South
Wales feels that he simply doesn’t know
enough about wine and orders products
requested by his customers….

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