Interview With Curry-loving Alan Davies


Comedian Alan Davies has had a  diverse career, from playing characters as varied as the idiosyncratic Jonathan Creek to more serious roles in shows like Lewis. More recently, he has cemented himself firmly in the nations psyche as the loveable joker on hit panel show QI.

C: Hi Alan, I bet you have some great curry stories to share with our readers.
“I absolutely love curries! I don’t eat meat but I like a nice dhal and rice, either that or a prawn curry, I could eat those morning, noon and night! I also like the side vegetables like the sag aloo’s and chana masala, and I really love a peshwari naan. If I could eat those all day I would be in heaven! Of course, I wouldn’t have the faintest idea how to begin cooking any of this myself.”

Can it be fixed for you to come down to Chaat! HQ for some lessons?
“Yes absolutely, I really want to learn. Although I feel you need lots of patience with spicy food, with all that grinding with the pestle and mortar, it’s not that easy I don’t think, I don’t think I have the endurance…”

Final word: sum up comedy and curry.
“Both a great night out!”

Full interview can be found in Chaat! Magazine issue 9

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