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Eat Water’s 7 Calories Rice, Pasta and Noddle Range

For 100g of rice to contain a mere 7 calories seems unbelievable. However, British food company Eat Water’s slim range of rice contains around 343 calories less than a normal 100g serving of rice.

The Slim range has become the UK and Ireland’s best-selling low calorie range of pasta, noodles and rice. This is perfect for those wanting to diet, as you can still eat your favourite meals like chicken chow mein and lasagne, but in a healthier way with a much lower calorific content. Each product can leave you feeling full for up to four hours after eating, making it the perfect way to combat hunger and demolish the need for unnecessary snacking.

This range may be healthy but the taste is not compromised as the new and improved formula is designed to provide better flavour and texture compared to other Konjac-based foods.

The products contain a blend of natural Konjac vegetable flour and oat fibre that is highly suitable for vegan, vegetarian and kosher diets and is completely gluten free. The Konjac plant helps to slow digestion making it easier to diet and maintain a healthy figure. By supplementing your usual portions of carbohydrates with Eat Water’s products it can help to achieve healthy weight loss. It also helps to slow the rate that sugars from food are absorbed after meals, so it’s ideal for diabetic diets.

Products in the Slim range are priced at about £2.55 for 2 servings. They are available in Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Amazon and The Nutri Centre as well as direct from their website – www.eatwater.co.uk.


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