A Diabetic Diet

Health is an increasing concern in today’s society. We’re all told that we need to watch what we eat and not to eat too much, but what if eating more of certain foods can have a positive effect? In Britain alone, diabetes affects 1.88 million people. According to Zoe Gray of Z Nutrition, the condition is a result of a “person’s body being unable to utilise glucose effectively,” and occurs in two types- type 1 and type 2. A Chaat! magazine subscription will give you a host of articles focused on nutrition.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured, but have researchers found a simple way of combating type 2 diabetes?

We’re in luck, because research suggests that using plenty of fresh spices which are full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties can help balance blood sugar and protect from some of the side effects of imbalanced blood sugar levels. So you can have your curry and eat it too – as long as it’s low in fat and salt, of course!

In our December issue, you would have seen an article written by Chris Smith, The Diabetic Chef. He told us that we don’t need to compromise on flavour in order to maintain a diabetic diet. His tips included heating up a pan before adding food, which can help add flavour. Letting curry powder “re-hydrate” in a curry, too, can make the flavour and aroma bloom.

So you could put these tips to the test, we included his recipe for ‘King Prawn and Spring Onion with Maharashtra Curry Sauce’. The results showed that his tips definitely work, and if you haven’t had a go at the recipe, you need to!


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