10 Great Reasons to add smoothies to your diet!

Today’s smoothies using smoothie makers or blenders can use a vast array of ingredients on your supermarket shelfs to include both fruit and vegetables, now all year round you can use all the very fresh ingredients that you have in your kitchen gardens and incorporate them into your daily diet!


10 Great Reasons to add smoothies to your diet!

  1. Get your daily allowance.Consuming the minimum portion of your daily five recommendations of fruits and vegetables can be a test. Blending a couple of servings of each into a smoothie helps ensure you meet your body’s daily nutritional needs.
  2. Quick and easy.Creating your own nutrient smoothie doesn’t take as long as preparing most meals, giving you more time for others things. Taking a smoothie with you is an additional convenient option, thus providing flexibility.
  3. Helping Digestion. Let your blender “bite and chew” your food and ease the burden on your digestive system while you simultaneously consume plenty of dietary fiber to ensure excellent digestion.
  4. Yes, eating healthy and tasting great can go hand in hand. With so many recipes to choose from, finding one or more pleasing to your palate is a breeze.
  5. Give your digestive system a break while adding detoxifying ingredients like watermelon, cucumber, mint, dandelion greens and kale into your smoothies to aid your body’s detoxification processes.
  6. Healthy eating education. Educate yourself on what comprises a healthy diet. This will allow you to make greater informed decisions when you are not blending,
  7. Help your immune system.Empowering your immune system by having greater fruit and vegetables in your diet.
  8. Brain Food.Give your brain all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to improve your mental clarity, focus, and memory. Say goodbye to brain fog.
  9. Reduce cravings. We all crave sweets and unhealthy foods from time to time. Reduce those cravings, with a healthy sweet fruit or vegetable alternative.
  10. Everyday Fun!Conjuring up different combinations of fruit and vegetables can be fun, get the whole family involved to enjoy the experience

Andrew James Family Fit Smoothie Maker

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This is a handy prices and sized smoothie maker that can fit ideally in a modern kitchen. For us this was a simple gadget to use just one touch operation, there manual comes with lots of smoothie recipes to give you inspiration.  Easy to clean, use and then reuse. Can be used by all family members without having to learn complicated instructions. The actual blender jar doubles up as a sport bottle, but there is also two complimentary sport bottles that come with the smoothie maker to help you enjoy your smoothie out and about!

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