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[icon_box icon=”fa fa-info”][heading text=”About Chaat Magazine” sub_text=”Introducing the only national magazine devoted to the uk’s most cherished dish: curry.”]

Introducing the only national magazine devoted to the uk’s most cherished dish: curry.

Each issue includes:

  • Exclusive interviews with chefs and TV personalities.
  • Simple and delicious spiced recipes inspired by all areas of the world
  • Cooking tips and our pick of the best kitchen essentials
  • Travel & garden features from authors, writers and industry professionals
  • The UK’s only curry poll

Published by the British Curry Club, it’s the authority on all aspects of spice culture.

Who are we?
British Curry Club promotions management has over 20 years of industry experience, and right now we are the only independent body championing and promoting Indian dining and curry culture. Of the 10,000 Indian catering businesses in the UK, we’ve partnered with over 2,000 of them and counting.  So far, we have successfully partnered with major commercial companies and newspapers including Wrigleys, McCoys, Nokia, Total, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Sunday Mirror, Daily Express and The News Of The World.

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